Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A New Voice ... But Not Really!

Ever since my father, Will Walk, entered the world of e-mail (we had to drag him along but he does just fine now), he has entertained friends and family alike with his "back to the basics" takes on the world of sports.

I told him a few months ago when he and my Mom, his parents and a trio of long-time friends and business associates, Pat Styer, Barry Shevchuk and Scott Barbe, were in Florida for Spring Training that he should start his own blog. Of course, he replied, "I don't know how to set one up." Well, that is where I come in!

Most (not all) of my views of the world of sports come from the incredible exposure that both he and my grandfather, Will Walk, Jr. (Dad, of course, is the III), gave me as a youngster.

There are many things that I remember as a child:

+ My Dad and my grandfather both shooting pictures for a number of central Pennsylvania newspapers (Tyrone Daily Herald, Altoona Mirror, the old Pennsylvania Mirror, Centre Daily News) and, of course, I got to go along for the ride often.
+ Getting to see John Cappeletti's Heisman Trophy at Penn State.
+ Getting to walk through the press box of the Orange Bowl after a Sunday's Dolphins NFL game but before Penn State-LSU's 1974 New Year's Day battle.
+ Going to Three Rivers Stadium to see the Pirates many times, including the 1974 All Star Game.
+ Watching my Dad play softball half of the year (back up until 1976 before we moved to Texas) and promoting his Altoona Hospital team (with the unique orange, black and white uniforms).
+ Seeing him unselfishly promote and help secure a college scholarship for Tyrone's best basketball player ever, All-Stater Nick Leasure, who played at St. Francis (Pa.) before attending medical school and becoming an oncologist.
+ Helping my Dad put a couple of softball tournaments as just a youngster and later a church basketball league when we moved to Houston.

All of these things taught me many of the skills that I have utilized in both my professional life as well as my personal media and sports relations career.

Dad's favorite athlete growing up was Don Hoak, but that's no surprise because he was a Marine. And my Dad's military service in the Corps from 1966-1968 is what he still calls one of the greatest accomplishments in his life. This is my Dad!


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